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 Rolling bearing pre-tightening and assembly techniques

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Rolling bearing pre-tightening and assembly techniques Empty
PostSubject: Rolling bearing pre-tightening and assembly techniques   Rolling bearing pre-tightening and assembly techniques Icon_minitimeMon Oct 20, 2014 9:04 pm

Bearing removal and installation is need to be understood. Careful not to damage the bearing and all kinds of parts, especially with bearing down, and the operation is too complex. In the design phase, therefore, anticipate, need to design and manufacture, disassembly, removal of also is of great significance. Dismantling, according to the drawings in the research and order, cooperate condition, scroll remove the relief work.
Rolling bearing pre-tightening and assembly techniques Hjg
1, the demolition of outer ring
Cooperate with demolition of the outer ring floor installation, ahead of several circular bearing fastening screws, screw the screw down the screws, disassembly, etc. The screw holes, usually close blind plug cone Size Of SKF Bearing housings and other types of classification, the point set several gaps, pillow, news or dismantling knock gently.
2, cylinder hole bearing removal
Inner ring removed, can use mechanical stress. Finally pulled out a note now, inner ring to bear him for troops.
Large bearing inner ring used oil removal method. Through to the oil hole device, easy to pull out the oil. - large bearing width method and oil pressure and pliers to pry demolition.
Well, NJ type bearing inner ring can remove the cylinder induction heating method. Local heating, inner ring expansion in a short time after mining method.
Rolling bearing pre-tightening and assembly techniques Mbmghj
3, tapered bearing removal
Demolition of smaller long-term fixed to the bearing inner ring with condom and shaft fixed block, nut turn a few times, between a hammer pillow after use.
Large bearing removal easy, use oil cone shaft oil hole pressure to send oil ring bearing removal method of inflation. They could suddenly emerge bearing with best chips.
After refers to preload, load bearing between the rolling element and raceway appears or prestressing, all uniform roller compaction state. Bearing preload, can achieve high precision, rigidity, rotating oscillation damping, life and reduce noise, target.
When using sliding bearing, general or axial pre-tightening axial position preload, etc. In the same prepressing pressure, fixed axis bearing stiffness significantly increased, but the initial positioning and clamping, prestressing effect on axial thermal deformation quantity change. General requirements of high stiffness used positioning preloaded. In large travel and high precision requirements, rotation and rolling body, prevent constant pressure can be used when the preloaded. engine
Rolling bearing pre-tightening and assembly techniques Ky
Pre-tightening force is too large, increase the friction, wear and bearing temperature rise, noise and lubrication rolling bearing fault, by reducing the amount of resources. So choose the appropriate pre-tightening force is of great significance. In order to in high speed light load conditions, or for higher accuracy, should choose to rotate the preloaded repeatedly. Average load conditions or small weight, improve the overall rigidity choose preloaded or weight bearing preload. Correct selection of preloaded calculating theory, and according to the experience of the use. When installation precision of prestressing quantity complex preloaded content and temperature on the friction at the same time is also very complex, measure the friction torque, axial displacement and selection of control volume for preloaded.
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Rolling bearing pre-tightening and assembly techniques
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