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 The choice of bearing type

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The choice of bearing type Empty
PostSubject: The choice of bearing type   The choice of bearing type Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2014 8:32 pm

1, the leadership, the nature of the load, and size
All generous at all levels in turn; Can withstand the axial thrust load to achieve; At the same time, the axial load is payload (angular contact ball, can choose cone vibration porch.
How much proportion level in turn. Relatively low load. This ability decline than at the same level. Roller bearing cage after more accessible. Thus, most areas, or at least in ZhouJing trival and bearings, roller porch when necessary. usually
The choice of bearing type 12
Ball bearing and rotation. Packing cone
If the block size to prepare for a period of time. In this case, you'd better use double SKF 6204 Bearing Size, deep groove ball (such as cash flow or contact ball pattern, etc.), must be direct contact or alone or tapered roller ball, the absorption of back-to-back rotation.
"" choose to extend more each stage.
The choice of bearing type 66
2, system
The system should be lowered amplitude is lower than the standard bearing tachometer. Deep groove ball bearings, contact and cable adopts high speed roll bearing co., LTD. Small low threshold is low.
3, XianWei support
Other machines or turn back, usually supported by bearing and swimming from the sky. Two axial load is available, can be used to support XianWei fixed two axis offset direction; One-way axial load XianWei may find it difficult to XianWei unilaterally; In addition, you can choose to use all split spindle bearing and the bearing is mandatory, compare panel LuXi signed at all levels.
4, indicators
Coaxial cable for various reasons can not guarantee balance shaft holes of two or more shaft key indicators should be clear, seedlings, heart ball bearings, thrust roller bearing plate and the chassis XuanXing diligence CARB levels (Georgia), the argument role will continue to exist error, but should also compensate the original configuration or error handling.
The balloon and deep groove bearings, roller not afford any mistakes.
The choice of bearing type 030618965
Permanent hardness, elastic wheel speed anomalies. This kind of distortion is low, generally negligible. But in some applications or transfer of machine tool hardness.
Amplitude decrease bad harsh cable, bearing. Ball bearing, immediately to improve this kind of method can rotate cone support hardness.
6, other
Limit dose levels in a multiple choice and circuit or device; Vibration and noise, overcome the query string ditch low noise level. Machine chip need to rotate (if applicable) and GongKuang more accurate, choose professional level.
Finally, you need to stress is that should be considered in choosing speed type and market and economic factors.
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The choice of bearing type
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