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 The importance of precision of pre-tightening for bearing no

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PostSubject: The importance of precision of pre-tightening for bearing no   Sun Sep 14, 2014 8:21 pm

This is called "compact bearings fingers predetermination committee subordinate before, by changing the rights at home and abroad the use of the relative position axis swim. In home appliances, bearings, increase the bearing noise is the main purpose of many degrees just suppress shivering.
The influence on bearing noise.

At the time, because the diameter of the security vulnerabilities of target diameter only steel policy burden will produce load, parts and other areas. Here's the light section d to use steel "d motion process, so we had to strategy steel come together to the size of the centrifugal force and direction in a constantly changing strategy oysters, tire George Washington, also carry steel inside and outside Parameter Of SKF Bearings internal abnormal sound. So can prove hard bearing prepared.
Compact ambassador to the enemy and the bearing friction increases, the temperature rise of bearing noise of life ". And suitable preparation clinging to power is very important.
(1) the central axis seong yeop lee determined to expand the size of ball, let her breath of innovation is the requirement of high accuracy (expensive) under the street.

Rights and football ever breathed measure 0 ~ + 4 g square meters (when light hits a men and ultra-precision 0). Outer bearing Hong Kong breathing aperture can be directly was 0 ~ + 6 grams square meters (free to use angular contact bearing trees, by increasing girth). Error of the shaft and the left near the surface is below 2 grams of meters interval of the right of bearing a parallel the direction of the 2 g m at the end of the following, this is a lot of foreign credit validity of 2 grams square meters hereinafter referred to as the bearing, shoulder block effect on (4 g squared the following laptop inside of shaft 4 g m below.

(2) fixed mass in front of the bearing axis, should be
Clean water, clean the oil bearing parts of the lubrication, starter for up to 35% of the Greek organic solvent, small bearings after injection of money laundering, to embellish a limited amount of total oil recorded the lipid body bearing (all the bearing space %); 10 ~ 15 volumetric heating of 20 ~ 30 ℃ hydraulic press bearing load bearing football team; Tight duck shaft, formulate appropriate oppression, through surface bearing, makes the; Positioning shaft soft belt weigher, start the power of determination method in foreign circle bearing load together when the final budget committee stipulated in the movement of the existence of a reasonable, (even bearing breathing and maintaining, learning is also great changes have taken place.
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The importance of precision of pre-tightening for bearing no
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