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 Bearing using common problems

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Bearing using common problems Empty
PostSubject: Bearing using common problems   Bearing using common problems Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2014 1:27 am

The best
Payload: 1, installation and gap
2, processing, assembly bad improve installation method:
3, oil free, or added.
The new rules
First of all, explained the XiuShi scar, measure: collect, spare parts, correct
2, change bearing wear loss: 7302 channels, fatigue
Their differences
1: clean parts to repair the raid
2, coordinate and select impurities crack crack walk too much
3, GangQiu: GangQiu scar, 7302 bearing fatigue spalling pass
Temperature anomaly
1, lubrication, reduce too much oil
2, lack of grease or oil, or choice: increase
3, brake bones processing or form of cooperation: 7302 too many changes, packaging or transfer
Vibration rotation axis
1, the fatigue spalling and replace bearing 7302 goals:
2, processing, assembly bad improve installation method:
The third, including: clean, clean Biao spare parts
An oil spill
1, lubrication, reduce too much oil
2, parts and accessories ground invasion: closed
Small friction) as follows:
Including two rounds of friction. Ball bearing, bearing. We should not, also according to the different specific goal is to rotate the structure and evolution process of the category.Risk bearing raw materials production
As for the main functions of a bilateral trade friction lubricating oil
1, paint and other fields has sliding contact. oil
2, there is no real contact and claim has a skateboard.
Third, because of bearing and distortion effect smooth spare parts management report.
4, sliding fixed at all levels, and effective communication.
Secondary schools are as follows:
The protection is not shallow.
6, external defense print hidden. This kind of compensation.
7, the thermal conductivity (cold).
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Bearing using common problems
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