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 Bearing damage degree judgment

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Bearing damage degree judgment Empty
PostSubject: Bearing damage degree judgment   Bearing damage degree judgment Icon_minitimeMon Nov 17, 2014 7:27 pm

Check, ensure the guidance of the nearby YouFeng corrosive liquid position, prevent hot gas and liquid in the whole axis YouFeng, if damaged replacement as soon as possible. Automatic lubrication system to ensure that check the oil or fat, and make sure add lubricating oil at the same time of guiding check whether it is right or change color black, if you have this kind of situation is usually contains impurities lubricant, this situation is harmful and guidance.
Through bearing parameter and the performance of the state, judge and predict LieHua performance reliability and used to guide the exception, as part of the body, and the degree of process and trial method of maintenance and improvement, technical comprehensive decision. As a result, the guidance to solve the problem is not just a technology (test) or monitoring technology, is not a simple label of the instrument. Correct, fast and effective signal, data processing, or automatic identification and artificial judgment. In order to determine the maintenance cycle of science, all sorts of problems according to the Net Weight Of TIMKEN 30205 Bearings, fatigue wear, testing and necessary.
Trial provides guidance, mainly considering the mechanical damage degree of the importance of performance, handling operation conditions, the next decision, in the service. If there are some defects, can't use the new direction and must be replaced. Inner ring and outer ring rolling, for any plane, keep in a fracture or deficit.
1, TaoJuan rolling, in any break.
2, rolling, rolling DangBian add pasta, significant, was injured.
3, cage or stress significantly low loss significantly.
4, rolling rolling surface, he added, not from the steep.
5, pasta, for folding and mark.
6, the channel inner ring or bread dough, outside diameter in the end, a clear creep.
The heat produced in the 7, color change is obvious.
8, decided to position, bribery and seal dust cover loss is obvious.
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Bearing damage degree judgment
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