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 Check the bearing flexible rotation direction

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Check the bearing flexible rotation direction Empty
PostSubject: Check the bearing flexible rotation direction   Check the bearing flexible rotation direction Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2014 8:46 pm

With the guidance of the radial play team is very easy, because its power to make contact and volumes, and due to the deformation of the elastic deformation, strength of measurement error, and measure of various factors, contact status and physical condition.
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As we know, import direction flexible rotation, usually in a horizontal position, check is usually fixed inner ring (or manual), inner ring spinning outer arm, check to see if there is abnormal sound and the phenomenon of the direction of rotation. In general, the direction of continuously for a long time slowly, flexibility is good. On the contrary, a short period of time, suddenly stop rotating flexible, bad. As a result of the bearing structure size, rotating flexible, there are different. , for example, is the heart of a ball, the ball bearing, due to the direction of small rolling contact area between the direction of rotation, is double, very active, and the ball thrust roller and guide, because the direction for the direction of the rolling ball and the surface contact, he added, and less weight in check their load, and flexible rotation, though his heart is still alive, less degree of ball bearing. When the rotation, should not be to oversize the global phenomenon of rotating usually do not check.
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In a formula of external resources, considering the effect of the surface pressure, pressure, pressure, and surface rolling lubrication of the animation. Specific guidance is due to the influence of pressure, in order to improve the performance of the application more precise prediction and performance orientation.
Therefore, this agreement on behalf of the "resource" simplified. "Type of calculation method for the calculation, the user can through the machine, the use of various resources reasonable direction must be placed in the mechanical size, and to realize the effects of pollution and fat AD cool-headed.
Check the bearing flexible rotation direction 2010717174838578
Should actual calculating the composition of the working life, at least should be the direction of the computing resources. Main elements between MiFengJian separator, and lubricants. The main factors of metal, or fatigue.
Hole direction rotation direction, the method is flexible, extra checks specific as follows:
Defined in the direction of the pressure rod load radial crime, crime, when pressure + ring, listen to the end of the rotation of the rotary rolling. If the film together, too rotary sliding defect geometry size, volume, or uniform rotation direction flexible and weak
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Check the bearing flexible rotation direction
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