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 Bearing solid lubricating materials

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Bearing solid lubricating materials Empty
PostSubject: Bearing solid lubricating materials   Bearing solid lubricating materials Icon_minitimeThu Nov 27, 2014 7:51 pm

Lubrication materials, people often mention, lubricant, fat lubrication weak idea. As lubricating oil and fat, in fact, solid lubrication is also as important group, with its history is no longer a smooth fat qualification lubrication, research, and use this kind of material is only half a century of history.
Although history, performance, excellent broad scope according to the report, it is more and more extensive land traditional heavy grease). Representative especially aviation and space, in the production of high technology sector performance, and more solid lubrication quality irreplaceable role forged special equipment lubrication care.
Otherwise, if the solid lubrication material energy? This is actually the equipment. Lubrication is a kind of solid material (traditional lubricating oil, design new and grease) interface of traditional lubrication friction lubrication fluid or some form of BanLiuTi of film is an effective way, used to mainly depends on solid lubrication material material itself or its transfer to a lower nature and Distributor For Buying SKF 61904 Bearings grind smoothly. Generally solid lubrication in the form of powder coating, or the entire file. As a new category of solid lubrication material smooth performance of the use of traditional materials greatly, the enterprise belonging to military industrial committee to solve the problem of modern high-tech a pressing machine, the vacuum pump too much, strong radiation safety, security, environmental burden of conventional special conditions such as friction GongKuang wear, and has a solid technical support to increase its stability and reliability of the machine, production laid the important foundation.
According to our national science since the early 1960 s LiangDan "" asking for a week of research, has developed a solid material lubrication international similar devices, such as physics, streets, gas phase deposition lubrication solid lubrication metal used for wear resistant structure, rely on the composite material structure, used for gas hole, at the national level, material, equipment, ships and aerospace technology of many specific areas of interest or smooth technical challenge.
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Bearing solid lubricating materials
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