This internet website forum thing is for people interested in cars, DJing, going out, Cinema, Meeting up, Music, Gigs, Lifestyle, Mountain Biking and loads more lifestyle things
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 New Friends

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PostSubject: New Friends   New Friends Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2008 9:12 am

Ok, bare with me on this! I'm not that good at these forum things as they are incredably geeky to understand!! Why someone can't make this simple I've no idea! Anyways!

Friends, this is a section of the forum for people interested in making new friends with people of similar interests etc etc.

So in my case I like cars, live music, gigs, clubs, pubs, rock music, trance music, horrors, actions, comedies etc so if I was to look for friends on here I'd leave a message here and see if anyone else is interested in those things or I'd add a new online conversation thingy to this section of the forum with my interests in for people to respond too...

so over to you!
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New Friends
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