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 FAG bearing correct storage

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FAG bearing correct storage Empty
PostSubject: FAG bearing correct storage   FAG bearing correct storage Icon_minitimeFri Oct 31, 2014 12:20 am

In principle, all imported bearing before installation should be stored in the original packaging. They need to keep clean, no water, relatively constant temperature environment. Rolling bearing should stay away from dust, water and corrosive chemicals. Shaking and vibration may never in the damaged bearing mechanics performance, therefore must avoid vibration during processing and storage.

Basically, all levels of bearing must be saved, because some of the heavier long upright bearing, may be due to their weight and shape SKF Bearing Static Load Rating .

FAG bearing correct storage Type-o11

Coated with grease in advance (or sealed) FAG bearings need to be especially careful, because the grease will change after a long time storage density. So when the bearing is used for the first time, there will be a certain degree of rotation noise. Therefore, the influence of time should be controlled according to the principle of first in first out.

Clean FAG bearings rolling bearing is very important. Rotate and the surface roughness of the roller bearing ring surface is usually a 1/10 micron, the smooth surface sensitive about the dangers of pollutants. Rotating surface lubrication layer is usually between 0.2 ~ 1 microns, is greater than the influence of the lubricant type size particle impurity excessive rolling roller and partial pressure of bearing steel, eventually lead to a permanent material fatigue. In addition, the external environment of dust particle size can be up to 10 microns, will result in bearing damage. Therefore, storage and installation of bearing clean dust-free environment is very important.

Lubricant can isolate the metal bearing surface (e.g., roller, bearing ring and bearing cage), thereby reducing the friction, protect metal parts and prevent and control pollution and impurities. There are all kinds of lubricants (including grease, oil and solid) can select the different operating conditions. It is very important to the proper use of lubricant prolongs the service life of bearing and equipment.

Due to excessive FAG rolling bearings rolling parts, bearing lubrication by mechanical stress for a long time, in addition, for a long time, especially in high temperature, damp or environmental pollution, chemical properties of lubricant can be changed. All these lead to the quality of lubrication gradually decline. Therefore, in order to ensure maximum life, on bearing lubrication on a regular basis. Lubrication cycle depends on the operating conditions, such as temperature, speed and environment etc. Only in prelubricated or sealed bearing (also known as the "permanently lubricated bearing life, bearing is depends on the lubricant of life.

Lubricant must, in accordance with manufacturer's instructions right preservation, should pay special attention to keep clean, lubricant is from pollution. Every time before use, carefully check the quality of the lubricating oil, lubricating oil use old or pollution could lead to premature bearing failure.
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FAG bearing correct storage
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