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 Bearing temperature examination to analyze

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Bearing temperature examination to analyze Empty
PostSubject: Bearing temperature examination to analyze   Bearing temperature examination to analyze Icon_minitimeWed Oct 29, 2014 8:25 pm

Bearing temperature, therefore, the surface temperature of bearing out outdoor, if use oil holes directly measuring the temperature of the bearing outer ring is a, this is not appropriate.
Usually, bearing bearing temperature rise gradually, 1 ~ 2 hours after arrived at the steady state. Bearing the normal temperature, heat capacity, heat dissipating capacity, speed and load. Lubrication, the installation of appropriate, flash is bearing temperature rise, abnormal high temperature, then stop running, so it is necessary and preventive measures.
With thermal can monitor the bearing temperature at any time, and realize the value rules of temperature automatic alarm or stop to prevent the shaft of the accident.
Due to the high temperature often is in the bearing assertion is not normal. High temperature harmless bearing lubricating oil. Sometimes bearing overheating and bearing lubricating oil in the seven months pregnant. If more than 125 ℃ temperature lower bearing joint bearing life even move for a long time. The main reason for the high temperature and Seoul, and the shortage of moist or too lubricating oil. In no load is too large, bearing carlos ring gap is insufficient, and stickers infectious friction, etc.
Bearing temperature examination to analyze Ball-bearings___jpg_460x460_q85
Because of the continuous monitor the bearing temperature is necessary, measurement bearings and other important components. If the operating conditions, can change the temperature of the system is paralysed.
Bearing temperature measurement of work regularly, such as digital thermometer temperature as high as the precise measurement of the SKF Bearings temperature? ℃ is good for the mandarin's temperature unit.
Slewing bearings in life, demonstration ", ", it is ok. Bearing is allowed in the work there was a slight noise, the noise is too big, not unusual, such as the collapse of the noise and its the fault of the bearings. Bearing anti-rust treatment using the smell of rust oil slightly defense, the amount is not. Clean fragrance and Seoul.
Width surfaces on the surface of the bearing is good chamfering, the dark side.
Bearing temperature examination to analyze Ball-bearing-units_jpg_460x460_q85
Bearing than normal use, the site allows bearing a certain temperature, stroking should not have enthusiasm.
In the process of the bearing temperature is too high, you can consider whether lubricating oil quality meet the requirements, or will be destroyed, high oil viscosity, etc; Or installation, assembly, in a good mood to bearing assembly. Driving bearing to maintain machine and fractures.
Bearing temperature examination to analyze BRGS-Needle-Roller1-_jpg_460x460_q85
Rolling noise for many reasons, one is the bearing inner region and outer surface wear. Also, the lubrication of the bearing formed one bearing the voice of the explosion.
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Bearing temperature examination to analyze
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