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 The reason of difficulty of bearing rotation

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The reason of difficulty of bearing rotation Empty
PostSubject: The reason of difficulty of bearing rotation   The reason of difficulty of bearing rotation Icon_minitimeWed Oct 29, 2014 12:21 am

The reason of difficulty of bearing rotating bearings after installation, the bearing outer ring or shaft by hand, feeling the rotation is not flexible, main reasons are the following:

1) iron oxide, dust and other pollutants into the bearings, such as buffer and grinding effect;

2) water, acid, alkali and other corrosive medium in the bearing and the bearing rust;

3) bearing gap is too small, or the rise of temperature of the bearing inner ring expansion is too large;

4) lack of lubricant, it is completely dry or too much;

5) axis neck, shoulder and bearing manufacturing precision is too low or the use of deformation;

6) install the seal is not correct, such as sealing too tight or seals and related parts friction;

7) cage deformation Purchase For SKF Bearings ;

The reason of difficulty of bearing rotation Cleara10

Cool add bearing load, axial clearance is too big.

Mention ceramic first thought common appliance in the home, with the development of science and technology, physical properties of the ceramic itself is applied to all walks of life, including the bearing industry. This paper introduces the advantages of ceramic bearing below!

First of all, because ceramic almost afraid of corrosion, so the ceramic rolling bearings used in corrosive liquid in harsh conditions.

Second, because the density of ceramic rolling ball is lower than steel, lighter weight, so the external ring spinning centrifugal effect can be reduced by 40%, thus greatly extend the service life.

Third, the influence of the ceramic heat bilges cold shrink less than steel, therefore, when the bearing clearance must allow bearing more severe working environment temperature change.

Fourth, due to the elastic modulus of the ceramic is higher than the steel, the stress is not easy to deformation, thus improve the working speed and higher accuracy.

In short, as a result of ceramic bearing in the application has so many advantages, so the import bearing manufacturers, such as: SKF bearings, NSK bearings, FAG bearing to participate in this field, introduced the corresponding product.
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The reason of difficulty of bearing rotation
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