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 INA bearings regularly check the key step

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INA bearings regularly check the key step  Empty
PostSubject: INA bearings regularly check the key step    INA bearings regularly check the key step  Icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2014 8:45 pm

Need to check before surface cleaning machine, and then eliminate the bearing part of the circumference. Oil seal part is very fragile, so need to carefully remove, not excessive use of force, and then carefully check oil seal and its surrounding parts, if there are adverse symptoms, be sure to replace the bad oil seal can cause the damage of the bearing and serious equipment downtime.

Check the oil, lubricating oil of the friction between the two fingers, if the presence of pollutants, can feel, or in a thin layer of lubricant, then seal test.

Xie after oil change, oil lubricated bearing oil, if possible, with the new oil impregnated, let the machine in low speed rotation for a few minutes. As far as possible make the oil residue contaminants, then the oil spill in addition to these, the oil before using the best filtering.

Grease lubrication bearing in the replacement of oil by Joe in addition to any part of the editor should avoid bearing and the Angle of the cotton, because these residues fiber may be caught in between rolling and damage, especially the application of small bearing more need to pay attention to this problem.

Covering exposed INA bearings, check the bearing, don't let the bearing exposure to pollutants or in damp environment. If the job is interrupted, should with machine oil film, paper, or similar material. If you don't need to delete, check may perform cleaning bearing no shield, want to contact with the cementing oil solvent (liquor) clean, then dry with a lint-free cloth or use compressed air to blow dry (be careful not to let the bearing component rotation).

Don't clean encrypted block or dust bearing; You just wipe the outer surface. If you need to replace the bearing damage. Regular maintenance downtime during the replacement bearing choice than array bearing damage suddenly stop loss is much more economic.

Some of the common fault sliding bearing

Sliding bearing of the main failures SKF Bearing Static Load Rating :

Bearing surface strain: bearing found cutting grinding, grinding non-ferrous metal materials.

In the surface strain: bearing iron series cutting abrasive or black oxide particles, metal surface heat tint.

Bearing tile burning: more bearing by large size, metal and black metal oxide.

Corrosion on the surface of the ceramic tile: spectral analysis found that abnormal non-ferrous metal element concentration; The bearing bearing many nonferrous metals have been found in submicron wear particles; Excessive moisture, lubricating oil acid value exceeds bid.

Shaft neck surface corrosion: spectral analysis found that iron concentration is unusual, bearing of the bearing has a lot of iron, synthesis of submicron particles or water paint crude oil with high acid value.

Ceramic tile surface spalling, found that many of the large size bearing fatigue spalling alloy wear particles, layered grits.

Micro wear ceramic tile: spectral analysis found that iron concentration is unusual, there are a lot of iron bearing components in submicron particles, water and acid value oil abnormalities.
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INA bearings regularly check the key step
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