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  SKF Bearing rings How to Install

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 SKF Bearing rings How to Install  Empty
PostSubject: SKF Bearing rings How to Install     SKF Bearing rings How to Install  Icon_minitimeWed Sep 10, 2014 2:44 am

Thrust bearing assembly in the main axial load, it's widely used. Maintenance, installation location that is tight loop and SKF bearings are loose circle is incorrect, although the simple installation of the operating thrust SKF bearings, but it is still common error occurs, the price is the result of SKF bearings, journal wear it fast. Transition with the inner ring and the shaft neck, driven tight ring when the shaft is rotated, and with the end face of the stationary part of the friction tight loop, axial force (FX), the next will be greater than the inner diameter of the friction torque and drag torque, locking ring and the shaft mandatory rotation of the mating surfaces, increased journal wear.
Therefore, we should pay attention to the following points when SKF thrust bearing installation.
(A) distinguish tight rings and loose ring SKF bearings (SKF bearings according to the diameter size, aperture different O operations .1~5 mm).
Distinguish between fixed body (2) (ie no part of sports, mainly refers to the assembly).
(3) No matter what happens, SKF Bearing rings should always be fixed on the face.
How do I delete INA Bearing
INA Bearing disassembly is regular maintenance, replacement bearings INA. After the demolition, if it continues to use, or need to check the status of INA bearings, disassembly will be carefully installed. Be careful not to damage the INA Bearing parts, especially interference fit INA Bearing down, and the operation is difficult.
Removal tool according to design is very important. When the demolition, removal methods, according to the drawing order to investigate INA Bearing condition, foolproof removal operation.
Remove the outer ring of the outer ring of the interference fit, whether set out in a circle on the circumference of a few screws and screw on the housing, one side is equal to tighten the screws, remove it. Screw hole covers the usual blind plugs, tapered roller bearing type separation INA bearings, cut the shell set up several places blocking the shoulder, using the block by pressing Delete, or click the demolition SKF 6004/W64 Bearing Wholesale Supplier
Remove the inner ring can be pressed out using the most simple. In this case, we must pay attention to the tension in the inner ring. Further, as the clamp is pulled out using more, regardless of the lamp, it must be firmly stuck inside. For this, the size of the shoulder block processing tank axle gear we need to consider on the shoulder, or to study, you can use the drawing fixture.
INA bearing inner delete large hydraulic method. By setting the hole INA Bearing hydraulic oil, so easy to pull out. Width INA bearings, hydraulic method and fixture drawings and disassembly operations.
NU type, NJ cylindrical roller bearing inner ring disassembly can take advantage of induction heating method. In a very short time heating locally, so that the inner expansion after drawing method. You need to install a large number of such INA Bearing inner ring also use induction heating method.
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SKF Bearing rings How to Install
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