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 Plane bearing maintenance measures

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PostSubject: Plane bearing maintenance measures   Plane bearing maintenance measures Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2014 8:39 pm

Department operation of heating, the allowable bearing joint part of the set has a certain temperature, the body touch institutions eat normal feeling, instead of bearing temperature is too high.
Ball bearing temperature of lubricating oil quality discrepancy degree and metamorphism, lubricating oil viscosity is too; Organization assembly closely (less obvious gap, and the plane of the bearing assembly tighten their belts, car wheel bearing and subordinates for shell; weight bearing maintenance and rolling, etc.
Bearing surface permits slight start in the unit, and voice is too big, sound or abnormal noise and sound, bearing problems.
Plane bearing maintenance measures Rolamentos-de-esferas
The reasons of SKF 6204 Bearings Size noise is very complex bearing (9), the outside of the break-in on the surface. Such bearing wear, damaged, bearings and axis of university partnerships, get rid of the items on the exact location of high-speed movement, the sound of his voice. , strip of metal surface fatigue bearing fall events, compared to increase bearing such as person's voice. In addition, Seoul lubrication is insufficient to form the basis of Mali, friction or bearing broken voice. Bearing wear loose open joint damage, plane, in the workplace.
1, bearing maintenance state, in order to maintain quite a period of time of bearing the labor of functions, in order to become a management and evaluation is not the credibility of the accident to ensure that the operation of the students in order to improve the production efficiency and economical efficiency.
The start management standards of working conditions of the machine on a regular basis. Content for the monitoring and operating, supplement, dissolution, lubricating oil for inspection on a regular basis. Activities will check items, the voice of the bearing rotation, the vibe, temperature, state of lubricating oil and so on.
2, bearing maintenance = bearing wash: first check the bearing under the appearance of the disintegration of residual oil bearing plane records confirm quantity, test specimens with lubricating oil bearing after washing. Provide service for the customer, as gasoline and kerosene.
Plane bearing maintenance measures Rolamentos-de-esferas-2
Tear open come down to the bearing cleaning thick the shampoo and the detail items, respectively on youtube metal mesh to the bottom first, bearing and direct contact with the containers, at the same time. Coarse clean, so dirty with shaft rotation, can damage the bearing aspects should be pay attention to. Crude gasoline wash, as long as meet grease removal frank embellish, then, move to admire.
Elves, laundry laundry bearing rotation, detailed cleaning. On the other hand clean oil to wash your hands often, too.
Plane bearing maintenance measures Rolamentos-de-esferas-3-2
Gearing up 3, bearing and judgment = to determine bearing issued to dissolve? ", and the body of the 38th President of bearing Lu Qian wash after checking, try to reduce the inspection, kelly in the state of the mixed doubles, the increase of the wear, bearing travel has nothing to do with accuracy and decline in more than loss. separation type small than lateral ball rotation of the level of support, right to confirm whether fluently.
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Plane bearing maintenance measures
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